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Things you should know about Sphynx Cats

I am gradually going to add a list of items new Sphynx owners should know.

Sphynx cats obviously do not shed, however they do leave behind mild greasy residue, which may be noticeable as a "dirty" area where they are sleep, especially on white bedding, or if they walk on white porcelain vanity with wet feet repeatedly.  This same grease or oil is what builds up in their ears, around the base of their nails, and to a varying extent on their body.  An occasional bath, even a sponge bath, with a careful ear clean and nail clean is required.  I use a mild organic baby shampoo, and only a few drops and a soft baby facecloth.  Do not use swabs in the ears other than in the outer folds.  Some Sphynx do well with a wipe down with a small amount of cooking grade coconut oil.  If bathed too often they will probably produce excess oil, so I find once a month is more than enough.

Some Sphynx enjoy the water.  Start with a few inches of warm (not hot) water with a few floating toys such as straws or pipe-cleaners.  Do not force them to stay in the water.  Allow them to explore the water on their own will.  Have a towel outside the tub so they don't slip when trying to exit.  I small baby bathtub that is completely flat on the bottom works well.  If it tips easily, as some baby bathtubs do, it may frighten the cat from trying to enter the water again.

Sphynx eat A LOT!!  People are surprised at how much and how often a Sphynx can eat.  Almost all of them will nibble on kibble in the middle of the night.  They should have kibble available all the time (unless have a weight problem) and I suggest a small amount of canned food daily also. My adults get canned food (or meat) every morning and evening. The kittens get fed canned 3-4 times a day, in addition to having kibble available all the time.  A good quality diet is essential to have a healthy Sphynx.

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