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I have a number of healthy retired breeding cats available for adoption. They have all been scanned for HCM and are clear. They are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed. They range from 1-7 years of age:


Bubbles is a 3 year old Calico, sometimes a bit bossy with other female cats (however, less so now that she's spayed), but very sweet with people, fine with our dog. She's quiet and low-maintenance. She loves to have her chin and ears rubbed in the evening, in fact, she insists on it. She's very soft.

Dec 5/15 Bubbles is on HOLD until January



Eli just turned one year old and is a Van-colored neutered male. He is very quiet and sweet, a bit shy, very well-behaved. He LOVES our small dog so I would like to find him a home with a dog-buddy. Eli cuddles with my daughter each evening, but during the day he cuddles with the dog.

Eli is extremely hairless and soft.

Dec 5/15 Eli is on HOLD until January


Bro is a 3 year old red tabby/white. He is quiet and low-maintenance but insists you give him a quick cuddle and rub around the cheeks each evening. He has his playful moments, especially with his buddy "Toothless The Dragon", the black Sphynx. He can entertain himself for hours playing with a twisted pipe-cleaner. He has a kiwi-textured coat, a soft-fuzzy feel. 


Sherlock was the main stud cat for the last 2 years. He is 3 years old, red tabby/white. His father was Quadruple Grand Champion and regional champion. Sherlock was neutered several months ago. He is very sweet-tempered, does not spray, loves to cuddle. He sucks his own nipple to pacify himself at night. He can be a bit shy but really bonds to one person. He is a big muscular 14 pounds. He loves kittens. He is easy to please.


Toni is 4 years old, a black torti, and a TICA Grand Champion. She is a confidant but friendly cat who thinks she rules the cattery. She is, however, quiet and low-maintenance. She likes to sit on a knee in the evening (and kick off any other cat (or dog) vying for that position). She has a nice textured skin.

Toni is a big solid girl about 8 pounds.


Toothless (The Dragon) is a solid 4 year old, black, mischievous (naughty) neutered boy. He is mostly quiet but when he gets bored he takes to sliding lighter weight objects off the furniture to watch them fall. So his home needs to be somewhat "cat-proofed". He also loves to play with his toys. He loves our small dog and gets along with the other cats. He is very soft and tries to get the spot closest to our head at night.

Nov 5/15 Toothless The Dragon is on HOLD



DeeDee is 7 years old and a Supreme Grand Champion. She is a black Torti. She can be the most playful cat and cat still jump the highest of all my cats, despite being the oldest. She is quiet and non-demanding. She loves to cuddle and purr.

GENERAL PHOTO ALBUM/previously sold cats:

November, 2013:

Nursing 5-day old Sphynx kittens. Their eyes will open very soon, much sooner than haired kittens do.

Kittens now sold.

Jennifer with her five 5-day old Sphynx kittens. Two blue, one blue-mink like mom, and two blue-point. Two boys, three girls.   

Jennifer (on the right) is due to have a litter of Sphynx in one week (Jan 14, 2013). The kittens should all be blue or blue mink/blue point in color.

Despite the pink blanket, these two Sphynx kittens FOR SALE are boys! Phantom Rouge is a 7 month old red Sphynx kitten FOR SALE. He is mischievous during the day and very cuddly at night. His brother, Spud, below, and him are best buds and would love to live together. NOW SOLD

Spud, 7 month old Sphynx kitten, is white and cream and is FOR SALE. His skin is butter soft. He is very sweet and cuddly and loves his brother Phantom Rouge. NOW SOLD


Captain, a Brown Mackerel Tabby Sphynx kitten, is SOLD.


Daisy, a dilute Calico Sphynx kitte, is SOLD.


Rumour, a Black Tortie with White Sphynx kitten, is SOLD


Paris, a Black Tortie with White Sphynx kitten, is SOLD

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