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Bdellium Sphynx is a small family-run cattery. Our cats run free (unless with a litter). Even our Sphynx stud cat has free-range of the house (or half the house if the girls are in heat). Luckily, he is a non-spraying male. Our cats are very much part of the family.

We breed Sphynx and Sphynx outcrosses to show them in TICA and CFA cat clubs, and to expand the healthy gene pool of these extraordinary cats.

Each Sphynx cat and kitten gets hours of individual attention daily from myself and my children so our kittens become very well socialized prior to going to their new homes.

The whole family enjoys showing our cats in TICA and CFA. The children participate in the Junior Exhibitor division. Our Sphynx Queen is a TICA Champion and our Sphynx Stud is a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion.

Check out my blog: for current photos of our Sphynx and their kittens.


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