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Welcome to our passion, Sphynx Cats. Our Sphynx are members of our family, free-roaming, often sleeping in our beds. They are delightfully demanding, entertaining, and affectionate. To know one is to love one.

Welcome to Bdellium Sphynx Cattery


Chilliwack, B.C.,Canada.

Let me introduce you to our breeding Queens and Stud cat.

Wasatchbare Scout of Bdellium:

Scout is a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion and TICA's Best Sphynx cat of the Year for the Northwest Region, in 2011 and 1012.

Scout is sweet, gentle, sensitive, and a non-spraying male (Yay!). We call him the best "mother" ever because he will spend all day and night with his babies, bathing them and protecting them. He gets a bit upset when they start to venture "out of the nest" and tries to round them up. Scout is also known for his amazing ability to "tuck himself in" with the blankets neatly up to his neck every time.

Scout will be three years old in June and has scanned clear for HCM by Canada West Specialists in 2011 and 2012. He is a healthy boy and I am very fortunate to have him.

Update: Scout now lives with my friend Peggy. His son, Bdellium Sherlock has been the main studcat until recently, now he is retired from breeding. Shownofur Kili is our new young stud -

Sundancenbare Soliloquy of Bdellium:

Soliloquy (Lilly) is a TICA Champion, TICA Best Sphynx kitten and 19th Best All-breed kitten in NW Region in 2011. Soliloquy is retired from the show ring and has subsequently become an amazing mother. She nursed one kitten until he was twice her weight!

Soliloquy is the cat the makes us laugh most. She is a little clown and runs around doing quirky and unexpected things. She is quite a princess too. She keeps close tabs on me and lets me know when I've been gone too long. She was our first Sphynx and she knows it!

Soliloquy has scanned clear for HCM in June of 2011 and again in 2012.

Update: Soliloquy is enjoying life as a retired spayed princess in our home. She produced some beautiful babies, was an incredible mother, but now it's all about her :)

Joser Jennifer of Bdellium:

Jennifer is a year and a half old Sphynx cat. She is pure bliss! She loves to rest her head on a shoulder and purr. A hug from Jenny melts away the days problems. She is blue mink in color and came to us from Russia. Her first litter is due mid-January, 2013. She was bred to a sweet blue cat from Russia so their babies will be exceptionally loving.

Jennifer scanned clear of HCM in November, 2012.

2013: Jennifer is retired from breeding and now lives in a loving home with her brother. Her daughter, Mercy, will hopefully carry on her mother's genetic lines.

Update: Jennifer and Mercy have both retired from our breeding program and have been placed in loving homes.

ShowNoFur Persephone of Bdellium:

Persephone is our grounded, easy-to-please Sphynx cat. She makes few demands; nothing stirs her much except other females - she wants the boys to herself. She is a 2 1/2 year old Van, and scanned clear for HCM in May, 2012.  

Persephone is shown here with her first litter including a foster kitten. The furry kitten was found abandoned and dehydrated in the sun, at the same time Persephone was in labor. "Harriet" was immediately accepted by her new mom.

Update: Persephone has been retired from breeding and found a wonderful new home.

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